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Music Publisher | Supervisor | Producer | Promoter

Zürich, Engadin
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Living in New York has tought me to do everything in life with passion. I do that ever since. I have a lot of passion for a lot of things and humans. Many projects already saw the light of day and bloom. Some also died. Others are stored in the basement of my mind to grow in the dark fed by demons and fairies.

Truth is, I try to give my life a minimum of sense. I fill it with fun projects and engage in what I believe is halfway important. Nature, art, culture and social interactions. I love humans but I doubt humanity. Money has no value to me. Time, muse and independency do. If I say "Yes", it's a one hundred percent commitment.

Next to Music and Culture I do love mountains. I love to hug rocks, listen to the heart beats of streams and rivers and walk barefoot.

... is my music publishing company. My business partner Beat Jegen and I run it since 2016. We represent our own boutique catalogue as well as five international partner catalogues. We publish, license, supervise for film and produce music.

... ist unser kultureller Verein mit Sitzen in San Murezzan. Kunst stueck veranstaltet das Kult-Openair Bivio. Das Musikfestival für Entdecker:innen auf 1800m über Meer.
Weitere Projekte waren:
Cabaret Minimal (Kleinkunst)
Saint Vallen (Tanz)
High Valley Low (Magazin)
Kunst Stueck Exhibits
(Lokale Kunst)


I am board member of the Swiss Music Publisher Association. This vessel gives me the opportunity to be politically active for the music industry.
The SVMV represents the interests of the Swiss Music Publishers in politics and economics on national and international levels. It supports education and active knowledge exchange among all players in the music industry.

... is the marketing and production department of Interstellar Music. We act as contractor for clients who need support in marketing, communication, events and content production on a project base. With 20 years of experience in these fields, I have a hard time giving it up completely, so I keep doing the fun stuff.

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